Google Comes To Zion Central Middle School
Google Comes To Zion Central Middle School
Posted on 11/01/2017
Students looking into mobile device with augemented reality imagesGoogle Expeditions Augemented Reality Pioneer Program came to Zion Central Middle School on October 24th to provide our 7th and 8th grade students an opportunity to participate in using Google's new augmented reality program. Augmented reality uses mobile devices and a specialized 3D program to place images as an overlay into the live existing environment using the screen of a mobile device.

This program is in the testing phase and currently is only available in four metropolitan areas in the United States, one being Chicago.

Our students were able to explore Ancient Egypt, topography (shifting of plates) and World War II using this new technology. The excitement and interest by the students was captivating.

Watch the ZCMS Google AR experience!