Mrs. DeBennette
    ello everyone!  I am the 8th grade science teacher on the team formerly known as The Northern Team...formerly known as The Champions.  I am not sure what the team name is this year.  This is my 25th year at Central, but I just want you to know that a lot of things will be brand new to me this year.  For instance, we have a new computer management system this year.  We have a new schedule that is drastically different from last year.  I have been moved to a different classroom that I hope to get settled into.  We have a brand new science curriculum, so I am not sure what topics we are studying yet.  I am sure it will all fall into place soon, or I certainly hope so :) We will all learn together!  Parents or students: please contact me when you have questions or concerns this year.  My email is  I do not know my extension number yet, but the school phone number is 847-746-1431.  Let's make it a good year, despite all of the challenges!!

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